Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lantac-USA Dragon

Ever since Lantac-USA announced the introduction of the Dragon muzzle brake I have been anxiously waiting for its release. The short teaser video that was making its way around Facebook was nothing short of amazing. Once they opened up for dealer accounts I immediately jumped on board as I was sold from the short YouTube video. Every time I would share the video I would get flooded with questions about it through Facebook, and email. I figured the best way to answer questions was to test it out. After exchanging a few messages with my sales rep I received word that it was on its way. A few days later the little guy showed up on my doorstep.

Who is Lantac-USA?
Lantac-USA is a branch of Lanner Tactical, which manufactures AR’s and accessories in the United Kingdom. Lantac-USA parts are manufactured and assembled right here in the US, more specifically in Nevada.

First Impressions
When I first opened up the little box that the prototype came in I knew right away this was going to be a great compensator. Having four relief holes on top and three ports on each side, there is plenty of room for the gas to escape. The production run packaging will be in a clamshell and even contain a free trial tube of FrogLube as well as a crush washer. The muzzle brake was also individually serialized. Lantac informed me that this is for quality control purposes. Unfortunately there are no special requests for serial numbers.

Installation was a very simple. The hardest part of installing it was removing the A2 flash hider currently on my AR. Once that was off and a new crush washer was on the Dragon threaded very close to its final position hand tight and only required a slight turn with the armorers tool to align it correctly with the port holes, and logo directly on top.

Range Time
I was excited to finally get to the range after being delayed due to family being in town. Once I got to the range and had everything setup, I was a little nervous to fire the first shot. I am that person that drives down the road wondering if I turned the stove off even if I did not cook that day. After reassuring myself that everything was aligned and ready to go, I took aim. The first shot rang out and I immediately noticed three things. First, the sound was extremely loud compared to other brakes I have used in the past. The second thing was the amount of gas that is dissipated from the muzzle was nothing short of impressive. The last thing that I noticed was the fact that there was very limited muzzle rise and all the recoil was forced straight back through the center line of the carbine. As loud as it was, I instantly fell in love with it and had to keep going. Shooting in the afternoon I was a little upset that I would not see the fireballs that were evident in Lantac’s promo video. I quickly found out that was a bad assumption. Every few shots a ball of fire would blow out of it like a fire breathing Dragon (ironic, huh?).

After Action Report

After I finished up firing the three magazines that I had brought with me to the range, I did not want to stop shooting. Shooting the Dragon made me take my mind off of the high ammo prices and made it fun again. Recently my AR has just sat at home in the safe due to me not wanting to expend the ammunition that I keep on hand. I would highly recommend doubling up on ear protection especially when going to an indoor range. I feel that Lantac has delivered on their trailer video, with a very high quality piece of hardware. Overall I was very impressed and can’t wait to order one for my personal AR.

The compensators are due to ship in the coming weeks. The MSRP of the Dragon is $140 making it one of the more expensive brakes on the market. Currently you can preorder them on our website whitewolftactical.com. If you use coupon code “DRAGON” you will save $10 off your purchase of the muzzle brake.

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